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Maanika and the Wolf
Maanika and the Wolf blends the past and the present, the real and the imagined, as a grandmother returns to her childhood bedroom recalling stories from when she was a young girl. Watch as she brings her Indian dressing-up box back to life and re-enacts her own version of Little Red Riding Hood. But why is there another wolf on the phone and why does her granddaughter Ruby keep trying to change the story? Maanika and the Wolf is created and directed by Polka’s artistic Director Peter Glanville, with music by Arun Ghosh and design by Sophia Lovell Smith. Additional dramaturgical support comes from Sudha Bhuchar, co-founder of Tamasha Theatre Company. Maanika and The Wolf will be performed in a new pop-up theatre space in Wimbledon’s Centre Court Shopping Centre. The show will conform to covid-safety rules and audience numbers will be limited appropriately.

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Price Info:    Adults & Children £14 Concessions £12 (those in receipt of unemployment benefits and 65+) Previews £12 + transaction fee £1.50


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Town:    Wimbledon

County:     London