MumsMeetUp is a unique web based app which connects mums locally and across the UK, enabling them to find mums like themselves in their area and playmates for their children.

Mums sign up because it provides a quick and simple solution for them to find others in their area, in the same boat and go on the journey of being a mum together. It allows them to initially make contact in a safe and secure environment, which is monitored constantly. They are able to search for mums in their area, in similar circumstances, with children of similar age, and then arrange to meet up in person - creating proper real life friendships for them and their children.

As well as meeting up one to one, mums can also arrange a group meet up for mums in their area and invite other mums to attend.

Our Blogs Directory provides a way for mums to find the best blogs, written by some of the most inspirational mums from across the UK who tell it as it is about all aspects of parenting, which are full of real life facts, advice and humour.

Our new Family Directory will be filled with the best of British ideas for mums and their families. It is free for UK businesses and, especially business mums, with good quality ideas to use.

We have parenting videos about all ages and stages of parenthood with advice and tips by parents and experts.

Mums love a bargain and so we also provide details of the latest sales and offers from companies we have partnered with so that mums can find bargains for them and their family.

Yes - Everything is Free for Mums on MumsMeetUp - Free to Join and Free to Use.
Go To Find Mums at top of all pages to find mums in your area and any area of the UK such as where you might spend holidays or have a second home etc.
Go To Find Mums at top of all pages and then filter by a type of mum.
Go To Find A Meet Up at the top of all pages to find a meet up in your area.
Yes - all Meet Ups are arranged by Member Mums themselves and any Member can start a Meet Up for Mums in their Area.
Go To Meet Up Tips via the button below or via the cog icon at the top of all Member pages.

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The safety of our Members is of the utmost importance to us. Member activity is recorded and monitored constantly. New Members have to pass our profile approval process. We have a report abuse system in place and can remove any Member completely, within minutes, should it be necessary to do so.

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We will send you an email with a password so you can then sign in with that password.
We need your email address so we can send you a password or forgotten password and email alerts if you receive messages from other Members.
No - your email address is kept secure and never at any time revealed to other Members.
No - your email address is kept secure and never at any time revealed to any other third party person, company or organisation.
We have no control over the passwords which are sent out as they are computer generated. They are quite complicated so we advise it best to change your password to a password of your choice when you sign in for the first time.
Go to Change Password via the cog icon at top of all Member pages.
On first sign you will need to create your own profile via the Create Profile button.
You should not use your Surname but you can use your first name or any other name you want to use.
Yes - other Members can view Your Profile and you can view their profiles as well.
Yes - Go to Report Abuse via the cog icon at the top of all Member pages.
We treat all instances of abuse or perceived abuse with the utmost seriousness. All comments and messages are recorded so we will have a recording of any abuse should it occur and we will involve relevant authorities should any serious instances of abuse actually occur.
Yes - you can delete your membership yourself at any time by clicking the button on your Membership Details.