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Have lived in Cardiff for two years with my Partner. We are both from New Zealand so don't have any family here. I was a Nurse back home but not registered here. Looking for some other mums to connect with as we weren't able to attend group antenatal classes etc.

Hi there, I have a 3 & 2 year old and I’m a SAHM in Lewisham London. Looking to meet mums who are living the dream like myself (!) and would like some company living this crazy life!!

Hi I’m Abbie im a Part time single working mum , I get the gym when I can but I spend the most of my time with my amazing 2 year old son Logan (:

I’m 16 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby He’s due on the 2nd of August, would love to meet other mums to be

My name is Georgia, I’m 19 years old so I’m always the young one at baby groups! I have a 14 month old girl called Harper who is even funnier than me! Myself and my sister who is 25 travel as a pair! She also has a little girl Darcie who is 4 months! We just want to meet mums like us!

Mum of two gorgeous blonde boys: a 2.5yo and a 5mo Just moved to Frome from London (via Lincolnshire) Interior Designer Stay at home Mum Newly married (July 2017) to a wonderful man! He's American & we used to live in New York together (but met in a pub in Wandsworth)

I'm a mummy to a wonderful 15 months old little man who is full of personality. I'm looking to find friends for my son and some company for me... most days we are in the park or playgroup with a coffee in hand!!!

I'm a mum of 2 who just moved here from Malta. My husband and I both work from home and we're finding it very hard to meet people here. Looking forward to finding others in our situation :)

23 year old with an 18 month old daughter. Have moved her from New Zealand (where I met my partner who is from the UK).

Mum of a 10 months old baby girl.Would like to catch up and meet other babies :)