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Blue Brontide
Plastic ain't so fantastic. . . Children' products are the most intensive users of plastics amongst consumer goods, about 15 times higher than the plastic usage in food packaging, with 90% of all toys & tableware for babies and toddlers between the age of 0-3 years being made solely of plastic! Every year 8.5 million children's products end up being disposed of & accumulate on landfills in just the UK alone! Be the change . . . As babies grow, what once was the most essential item, can end up being just another plastic “thing” taking up space that ends up being disposed of with more new “stuff” taking its place - the reality is that 40% of babies products have a lifespan no longer than 4 months. Blue Brontide was born with a desire to shift the concept of children’s products with an “expiry date”, to become the Eco-friendly baby and kids collection that’s designed to keep & be passed on to new members as the family grows.

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