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We mums are amazing, selfless, hardworking, intelligent, resourceful and amazing! Yes, I said it twice, because we just are! lol! But we are also creative and passionate and need a place where we can do the things we are passionate about without impacting the family. If you are an amazing mum who is passionate about singing then MumSing is definitely for you! Why should I join MumSing: You can bring you childen if they are still at home. You benefit from vocal coaching included in each session from a crazy choir director who is also a mum! You get to meet other mums who love singing. You will get to experience performing live. You will have an amazing time. Singing is a great stress buster.

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Price Info:    First five sessions are £2.50 each Then £4.50 per session £15 per month £45 for 12 weeks


Opening Times:    Enfield sessions: Mondays at 10am-11:30pm Barnet sessions will begin Thursday 25th April 2019 10:30am-12noon.

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Town:    Enfield

County:     London