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Self-Care for New Mums
We see time and time again, that after birth all attention shifts to baby, and the well being of a new mum is often forgotten or very much neglected. Having trained in cultures abroad where women are beautifully nurtured and supported in the postnatal period and witnessing first hand the benefits this gifts a new mum physically and mentally, we wanted to create a course that brings a little bit of that wisdon to our western world - and show you how with a little bit of planning, you too can have a slow, nurturing and nourishing postnatal period that allows you time to rest, heal and adjust to being a mother. We wrote the best-selling book ‘The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums’ because we wanted to share the knowledge and tools that we have learnt over a combined 30 years of working with expectant and new mums here in the UK and abroad. We truly believe that with just a little preparation and planning prior to the arrival of your baby, you really can experience the positive and calm fourth trimester that you and your baby deserve. By attending our exclusive one day course you will…. Receive a copy of our bestselling book ‘The Little Book of Self-Care for New Mums Learn what happens to your body following birth (vaginal and abdominal) Gain practical tools and techniques to ease your tender sore parts post birth Learn how to practice gentle stretches and mobilization and self-massage from an experienced massage therapist Plan how you are going to rest and recover Meet special guest @gemswholesomekitchen who will teach you about the importance of postnatal nourishment, mood food and you will learn how to make your own energy balls Understand and plan to work with your postnatal hormones Practice relaxation and breathing techniques to help calm overwhelm Learn about the transition that your baby will make postnatally and how this affects their behavior Spend time with us writing a concise and achievable postnatal self-care plan to take home with you and guide you through the fourth trimester What we need from you…. Be prepared to spend some time focusing on you and placing yourself to the top of your to do list Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely Bring a cushion, notebook and pen and a packed lunch (we will provide hot and cold drinks and snacks throughout the day)

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