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Boka Bar
Boka bar is a great tasting cereal bar with the added benefit of having four nutritional green traffic lights, on the front of pack - an easy way of showing that they’re super low in sugar, fat, saturates and salt, each bar is also under 100 calories and high in fibre. So great as a snack for children, in line with the NHS/ Change4Life guidelines. Boka bar was created firstly to be enjoyed, with the added bonus of being healthier than the alternatives and is the first ‘all green traffic light’ bar in Europe. Boka bar can now be bought in a multi pack of 4 bars, in three different flavours: Apple & Cinnamon, Caramel and Choco Mallow from Sainsbury's . A fourth flavour Strawberry is also available on the Boka Food website. Boka Food loves delicious snacks but not the amount of sugar they typically contain. So stop squinting at labels and worrying about hidden sugars, and start enjoying snacks…Remember, to look for four green traffic lights for a healthier choice.

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Price Info:    £2.50 box of four at Sainsbury's

Stockists:    Sainsbury's

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County:     Nationwide UK