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Taste 'n' Tell
Taste 'n' Tell is about encouraging healthy eating every day, and taking pleasure in our children enjoying their treats responsibly. The unique Taste 'n'Tell REAL (Reading, Eating and Learning) system consists of three components - a wipe clean base, a removable pod and the Taste 'n'Tell book. Fresh food samples are put into the container, and the three components are then slid together. The parent/carer reads the Taste 'n' Tell rhymes in the book, showing the child the bright colourful pictures of food, describing where they came from and joining in with the fun characters as they discover their favourite foods to eat on their adventures. The characters invite the child to ‘peak inside’ the container and taste the fresh food sample placed in the pod, leading to lots of fun and excitement when they discover what's under the lid. Each Taste ‘n’ Tell character represents one of the food types recognised as being essential to a healthy diet: Holly honeybee loves fruit, Veggie vole loves vegetables, Millar mouse loves grains, Beefy bear loves protein and Darcey dragon loves dairy. The first book in the series, “Discovering fruit with Holly honeybee” is available now as a starter pack containing the book, the base, the food sample container, a reward chart, sticker and an instruction booklet. “Discovering vegetables with Veggie vole” is due to be released in January 2018, with the other books in the series published at regular intervals thereafter. All the books are available as a starter pack, or as a refill book.

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