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Rainy Day Parenting

Is leaving the house on time even a thing anymore? Nobody can fully explain the ordeal that arises when you want to leave the house with a new baby. You can not be prepared for the time this takes. I remember the first few weeks after Darcie was born we didn’t do much leaving the house anyway. Neil had 4 weeks off and we muddled through together. The days started at 5 or 6 and in the blink of an eye it was lunchtime. No idea where the hours went but in the early days does it really matter? It was only when he went back to work and I needed to get out of the house I realised the task that was to replay each and every day. We would wake early as is normal I could plan to be somewhere at 10am giving myself a good 5 hours….it was NEVER going to happen. Mum’s just forget timekeeping, its a thing of the past. Let's take getting baby dressed who on earth thought tights for a baby was a good idea? These cute little outfits everyone buys, oh my word it was like dressing a drunk octopus. We all know as soon as the baby is dressed in said outfit they are going to vomit or poo and it's going to require a change of clothes. In the end, I have to admit I was a baby grow kind of mum. It didn’t matter the occasion, people might think I’m lazy, fair do’s each to their own, me I like to make this easy as possible. So 2 or maybe 3 outfits down the line and a fair bit of time later. It's on to the changing bag. Now if you're like me you have a system right? Wipes, nappies, cream, clothes in the living room, upstairs, and in the changing bag. These should not be move right? Wrong…guarantee as soon as we needed to go out of the house things have been taken from the changing bag because we’ve run out in the living room, this kind of stuff is what causes the problems. So you spend another half hour re-packing and running through in your frazzled brain what you need to take. This list you go over in your head every single day numerous times, yet you are still going to forget something!! Nappies, wipes, cream, bottles, formula, change of clothes, muslins…check. Right let's go. Out to the car into the car seat and there it is the aroma of Eau de poo. Seriously at this point I use to want to go back in shut the door and remain for the day, but the frequency of this occurrence meant I would never get out. Its something you just have to accept. Back in and of course this is a full outfit change. Now in my experience by this point I am looking at the clock thinking its feeding time shortly, do we chance it, back in the car, and go? of course we don’t. We wait, we feed and then we set off. Its a given that baby is then going to fall asleep in the car, we're late and when we do finally arrive at whatever activity we have planned, the baby is going to either sleep through and miss it or wake and be the most cranky baby you ever did see through the whole thing. For us we would 9 times out of 10 miss things as Darcie would sleep in the “I surrender to sleep” position hands overhead as cute as can be, completely unaware of the morning that has been. I say all of this like I am having a moan like it was something that irritated me. It wasn’t at all, it's normal, we are mums, we are always late, we are juggling everything, we are doing our best and we are smashing it!

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