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Why you should let children play with their food . . . So you have a fussy eater on your hands, mealtimes often end in tears & you're starting to wonder how long your little one can actually survive on a daily diet of apples & biscuits alone! Bribery isn't working, sneaking veg into meals is a no go, turns out your kid must be part bloodhound & sniffs that mischief out in 0.1 seconds, mealtimes just tend to end in a stressful mess for everyone all around, sound like a familiar story? So exactly what should you be doing to get them to eat their fruit and veg & how can you get your little one to eat a balanced diet without all the teatime trauma? Do you remember as a child being told not to play with your food, well turns out experts reckon playing with food could be the best way for children to develop healthy eating habits from an early age! Professor Charles Spence says . . . .

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