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I considered myself pretty read up on birth. I had done antenatal classes, a hypnobirthing course (don't get me started on that). I spent my pregnancy working for a baby magazine for goodness sake but I still had it largely in my mind that birth, however long it takes, ends when the baby exits your body in one way or another at which point you pack up your bags and take your baby home to work on the next challenge; Sleeping Through The Night. There may have been a vague notion that there would be something resembling a heavy period so to pack some pads and a few pairs of big knickers, but nothing more. So the realities of the days in hospital (and weeks at home) that followed her arrival earth side came as quite a surprise. It's all a distant memory now and it passes so quickly but I'm throwing my dignity aside and honestly sharing some of the things that I learnt because although not everything happens to everyone, if just one of these tips helps someone I've done my (self-appointed) job...

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