There will be a lot going on in your teen's life. Schoolwork will increase constantly throughout their teens and there will be many tests and exams to sit. There will be major decisions and life choices to be made. They may be leaving home to go to university or into employment. They may stay out late at night, form romantic relationships, experiment with drink and drugs, etc. You have to use a different approach when disciplining a teen, as they are likely to resent being treated like a child. It is important that you are there to listen and give them your support. It is normal for teens to want to spend more time alone or with friends and less with their parents, but there are ways you can encourage your teen to spend some time with you, such as by sharing mutual interests and activities. They may soon be leaving home, so you may want to make the most of these final years.

The following videos are full of facts and advice by parenting experts and parents themselves who reveal their own experiences of parenting teens.

TOP TIP: Calm communication is key. Your teen may at times appear disinterested or quick to disagree whenever you try to advise them, but they will go away and likely give thought to what you have said.

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