You should really enjoy spending time with your child at this age and they are much more knowing and easier to communicate and reason with. They will be starting school and learning a lot through play and interaction with peers and teachers, as well as learning to read and write, do spellings and simple maths. There will be many shows at school which your child will play a part in and you will want to be there to watch and show support, whenever you are able to. They will need preparing for potential dangers outside of the home, such as learning to swim, road safety, stranger danger etc. They will make friends in and out of school and there will be many parties and activities to take them to.

The following videos are full of facts and advice by parenting experts and parents themselves who reveal their own experiences of parenting their own children at this age.

TOP TIP: It is a busy time for children and parents, so spending valuable time together as a family at home and on holidays will create long lasting memories.

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Positive Discipline

Healthy Eating

Fibs Lies

Friendship Worries

Only Child

Too Much Technology