We all want the best for our children and most importantly for them to lead a healthy life. There is not much worse for a parent than being told that their child has a serious medical condition. Initially, there may be shock, disbelief and a tendency to think the worst about how it will affect their child and their child's future. Parents can feel quite alone with the worry of it all and so it is important for them get the right facts and information about their child's condition. They will also need to ensure their child receives the correct help and assistance they are entitled to, in order to live as full a life as possible.

It can sometimes help to communicate with other families who have already gone through what they are going through and to discover how they and their children have adapted and coped with a similar condition.

The following videos provide information, facts and advice for parents of children with a disability by experts and parents themselves, who reveal their own experiences of how child disability has affected them and their family.

TOP TIP: If applicable, ensure your child gets assessed for a Statement of Educational Needs by contacting your child's school or your local Council. Find out about entitlement to Disability Living Allowance by visiting DLA for Children at Gov UK

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