There isn't many a parent who wouldn't have spent sleepless nights worrying about their child, wondering "should we be calling the doctor or can it wait untill the morning?". It can be quite difficult for parents to distinguish between what are mild or serious symptoms of illness, especiallly when their child is a baby or toddler.

What are the signs of serious illness in a baby or child? When should you call an ambulance? How can you help a child with a fever? What can you do to prepare a child for a stay in hospital? What to do if a child is choking? What are the symptoms of Meningitis? The answers to these and many more questions about illness in babies and children can be found in the following videos by medical experts and parents themselves who have already gone through such expriences with their children. They are a must view for all parents.

TOP TIP: Trust your own parental instincts, as they will usually be right. If you think your child may be seriously ill, do not delay seeking urgent medical advice.

To learn more about childhood illness go to NHS Choices and Family Lives.

Nursing a Child

Always Ill

Going To Doctor