Bullying, sadly, can happen to any child, at any time and in any situation. It can be heartbreaking for parents and traumatic for children that experience it. How would you know if your child were being bullied? What are the signs of bullying to watch out for? What can you do to help your child? What if your child were the bully? The answers to these and many more questions you might have about bullying can be found in the following videos.

These videos contain advice from parenting experts, as well as parents of children who have been bullied and children themselves who reveal their own experiences of being bullied. They are a must view for parents of children of all ages.

TOP TIP: If you believe your child is being bullied, try not to delay in contacting the school or, if it did not take place at school, the police. They will be able to monitor the situation and take appropriate action, if necessary.

To learn more about bullying go to Bullying UK.

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Bullying Signs

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