Between the ages of 6-18 months your baby will grow and develop and reach many milestones. There is a whole new world to be discovered. As the mum, you will know your baby better than anyone, but there will be many times when you may think "is this normal?". Often, just by talking to other mums with babies, you will get the answer that "yes it is normal", as mums invariably go through similar experiences with their babies.

Meeting other new mums

It is important for you and your baby to be able to socialise with other mums and babies. Our service here at MumsMeetUp helps to combat loneliness by connecting mums locally and across the UK and it is totally free for mums to use. Sign up here to meet other new mums in your area.

The following videos are packed full of tips and advice about caring for babies by experts and parents.

TOP TIP: All babies develop at their own speed but, if you have any worries at all about your baby's development, do not delay speaking to your Health Visitor or GP.

To learn more about caring for babies go to NHS Choices and Family Lives.

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Brushing Teeth


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