Mums Of One Child


My name is Suzanne, I currently live in between Finsbury Park and Crouch end in London. I live with my husband and my 17 month old son. We relocated back to the UK from Hong Kong last year and we are keen to meet other families in the area. I am currently looking for toddler groups within my area...

Hi I’m Candy, I have a 3 year old daughter called Amelia. Hoping to meet other mums with children of similar age

I’m a single mum of a 2.5 yr old boy. He’s absolutely wonderful, but at the weekends I would love to be able to meet up with some other single mums so we can have a bit of adult chat and our children can play together.

Hi there, I'm a single mummy to a 2 1/2 year old. I really just want to meet other mummy's who are going through the same experiences (good & bad!)

Hi! I'm a 29 year old mum to a beautiful one year old boy. I don't have many friends with babies so would love to have a network of mummy friends!

I'm a first time mum at forty with a three year old boy. I enjoy the outdoors, nature, music and would like to me other mums who are feeling a bit isolated and looking for some parental connections.

I am a first time mum getting used to the steep learning curve of parenting! When not looking after my 6 month old daughter I enjoy reading and crafts, especially quilting and cross-stitch. I'm looking to talk to new mums or anyone who is happy to lend an ear.

Hi, I’m a mum of an almost 3 year old called Alex and a cat. I spend my time working and looking after Alex. Currently struggling with toilet training, brushing teeth and washing hair. Although, he’s been sleeping through the night for the past four months so I can handle the rest

Hi I am an older mum to a boistrous fun loving 2 year old boy. We would love to hang out with other older mums for toddler craziness and coffee!

I’m a working Mam originally from Dublin. I’ve a beautiful baby boy who very social and loves anything dinosaur related. Looking to meet like minded mammies in the area for play dates and general chat.