Working Mums


Hi, I’m a mom of a 11 months old boy. I moved to Wales from London just before lockdown and have been looking to meet new mommy friends since. Unfortunately lockdown unable did from going to activity groups which made meeting new friends super difficult!

I’m a mummy to a 1 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. We love being outdoors enjoying our beautiful area, usually at the beach or the woods, going for walks and exercising, hoping to meet up with mums who like doing similar things

Hi I’m Steph and I’m currently on maternity leave after giving birth to my son in May 2020! Looking to socialise with Mum’s with babies of a similar age. Feel free to message.

Am a mum to a ten month old son. On maternity leave. Wanting to make friends with other mums. Lockdown has made this difficult so far. Would like to make friends with anyone who misses their baby groups as we do.

Hi, I’m a new mum to a beautiful 5 month old baby girl Im looking for mum friends with similar aged babies for them to interact and make the most of maternity leave.

I’m a first-time mum to 5m.o little boy. Hoping to connect with other mums and make a few friends as I don’t have many at the min. Partner is back at work now after being furloughed so it would be lovely to meet up/ go for a walk and have a cuppa, anything to get out of the house!

Hi, I am a first time mum to be, that too during Covid. So looking for some friendly support here :)

I am mum to a 6 month old baby boy. Given the lockdown situation I feel we have missed out on mummy/baby socialising. Keen to make up for lost time!

Hi I'm Chloe. My daughter is 5 weeks old. We moved to Woking not long before the lockdown. Would love to meet some new mums in the area to coffee and cake, or a walk somewhere green. All the best x

29 year old and first time mother to be, due in August. Looking to chat with like minded ladies in the area. I enjoy going on walks in the forest with my border collie, wine in a bar (after baby is born!), going for coffee and visiting anywhere historical.