Working Mums


I’m 26, mum to my beautiful baby boy Mason. He’s currently 7.5 months old & the absolute light of my life! I love talking, baking/cooking, walking and movies! I’m currently on maternity leave, but going back next February. I’m basically a hermit :) But would love to get out more!

Mum of 2 nearly 3 year old boy. Working mum but have Fridays off. My son theo is quite shy but I really want him to have friends and also for me to have mum friends

Hi I’m a mum to two sets of twins :) My youngest twins were born in September 20. Looking to meet up with other mums in the Gatley/ Cheadle/ South Manchester area :)

Hi I’m Lisa, we’re pregnant with our first baby and super excited. We don’t really know anyone with babies or children that live close enough so we be great to get advice and have play dates with our newborn arriving in March. Also be great to have things planned for my year of Maternity :)

I am a mummy to 2 wonderful girls, who are 5 years and 9 months old. I have just moved into the area and would love to meet other mums and families, to find new friendships and settle in. I work 4 days a week and enjoy the outdoors or catching up on my days off.

I am mum to an energetic 2 year old girl. I work full time hours Monday to Thursday so only really have Friday to Sunday to socialise and have fun with my little one.

Single mother to a very energetic 6 year old girl. The gap between my old life and new (ish) life as a mother is widening and I find myself here looking for like minded parents to connect with.

I am a first time mum to my little boy who is 2 weeks old. I am from Kent and my partner is from Bedfordshire, I have moved here and do not have any mum friends. It would be lovely to meet other new mums, meet for a coffee or go for a walk, share mum advice and tips.

Hi there, just looking to connect with other mums and hopefully find some life long friends for me and my wee bubba especially as due to lockdown I feel she has really missed out!

I am a first time mum to a 9 month old boy called Arthur. Due to COVID, Arthur has had minimal interaction with other babies, so I would love to meet other mums with children of similar age so that both we and the babies can socialise :)