Mums To Be


I’m a recent uni graduate 23 weeks pregnant with first boy mum to two girls aged 8 and 11. Quite new to the area but looking for mummy to be friends for coffee and play dates.

I am a mum of 2 children aged 5 and 6 and also pregnant with our 3rd. Expecting in May.

I am expecting my first baby boy:) I am very excited and happy!I would love to meet other mums!

Mother to a wonderful 2 year old boy and in the second trimester with my second baby, I live in Wythall and am hoping to meet new mommy friends

Hiya, I am 6.5 months pregnant to my first baby and l would love to meet ladies who have newborn children or pregnant.

Looking to make some more mummy friends locally. X sandra and am a new expecting mom who is 5months pregnant...would love to get to know others and make new friends

I'm an American expat, married to a Welshman, living in Marple (Stockport). I'm new to the UK since May and just found out I'm pregnant (due 27 March 2019). Looking for other mums to be to share experience!

I would like to meet local mummies to have drinks/chats with and perhaps get together with the kids/hubbies. I am a happy and enthusiastic person with lots of interests & I am very chatty. I love my family but also like to do my own thing with friends.

Hi! I'm 26 and currently pregnant with my first child due march 2019. Im fortunate enough to have supportive friends and family around me, however I would love to be able to have a community of women that can relate to this journey I'm taking.