Mums Of Toddlers


Hi, I’d love to meet some fellow mums & other children. I have a lovely 3 year old daughter - agent of chaos & champion hugger!! Be great to make some friends.

My names is Angie, I am 31 and live in Chertsey with my partner and our little girl Mila who is 1.5y old. We just moved in the area for work and I would be keen to make some connections with other mums :)

Mum of 2 nearly 3 year old boy. Working mum but have Fridays off. My son theo is quite shy but I really want him to have friends and also for me to have mum friends

Hi I am Kara, I moved from Essex to Norfolk a year ago. I have 4 kids and pregnant with no 5. Jacob is 7, Sophia is 3, Frankie is 2 and Jesse is nearly 1. My baby is due in July. Because I am new in the area I am looking to meet some mums we could spend time with and go on play dates :)

I am mum to an energetic 2 year old girl. I work full time hours Monday to Thursday so only really have Friday to Sunday to socialise and have fun with my little one.

Hi! I'm a full-time mum to a 22 month old girl. We've been living in New York for almost 4 years (her whole life) and have just moved back to the UK. We're staying here with my in-laws and don't know anyone - I'd love to meet some local mums with similar aged kids, for walks, playdates and cuppas

A married mum of 3 I moved to Nottinghamshire 3 years ago and now a full time mummy to a highly inquisitive girl who is 18 months old.Ideally I would like to make friends in the Nottinghamshire area who have children around the same age or thereabouts.

Hello, im Atlanta. I am a mother of two boys aged 5 and 3 and am now pregnant with baby number 3. I am 25 years old and love every minute of being a full time mum. I would love to meet some new mums/mums to be. Maybe go to a class or meet for a coffee or playdate at the park.

I'm a mum of one to a lively, active & fun-loving toddler (Marty - 21 months). I work part-time at the moment, so currently have a few mornings free during the week. Have just moved to Chingford & looking to meet other mums in the nearby area for coffee, park or play dates :-)

Hello. I'm a single mum. I work part time. Would love to meet friends to go on fun days out. I have no social support so I'm going to create it myself. I have friends in other towns and friends my age who's children have grown up and we have grown apart.