Mums Of PreTeens


Hello. I'm a single mum. I work part time. Would love to meet friends to go on fun days out. I have no social support so I'm going to create it myself. I have friends in other towns and friends my age who's children have grown up and we have grown apart.

Recently became a mum for a 2nd time with a 10 year gap between my girls, feels like the 1st time again! I love family life (majority of the time :) ) and enjoy making memories

I’m a recent uni graduate 23 weeks pregnant with first boy mum to two girls aged 8 and 11. Quite new to the area but looking for mummy to be friends for coffee and play dates.

Busy mum of 3, would love to meet other like minded mums for coffee and chats to widen my social network.

Habitual picker of bad men, I’m a teacher of maths and history, but taking a mum break for a few years. Love a play date and a Prosecco date for general chat about whatever..... in need of adult conversation!

Hi there! I'm a young professional and single mum of two lovely girls, and looking to meet new people. I work in a creative industry and am interested in anything from arts events, sports and fitness and, of course, playground action. Drop me a line if you feel like having a cuppa and a chat.

Im a full time mum to 3 children I'm looking to make more mummy friends in the area. Im a coffee addict so I'm always up for a natter over coffee and maybe a cheeky slice of cake.. Love music, festivals, play dates with the children and of course shopping.

Moved to Lincoln last September with my ten year old son,I’m currently pregnant and looking at getting into a new hobby and meeting new people.

Hello, Am a mother of three(sons 4And 12 yr old and a daughter 7) , I have plenty of spare time and i would like to meet other mums with children(anywhere in London, i drive) to build a friendship for myself and kids. Am a bit shy at first, but very friendly, easy going, bubbly and caring.

London Mum with 2 children and another on the way. Currently work 4 days a week but soon to enjoy the perks of Mat Leave.