Mums Of Newborns


I’m a new mum with a little baby girl Chloe. She’s 6 weeks. Would be nice to meet new mums and go for a walk , coffee , lunch etc.

I’m 23, first time mummy! My son is 9 nearly 10 weeks old! I’m hoping to meet other first time Mummy’s to meet up! Grab some food or a cuppa!:) and just make some new friends!

First time mum from Colombia. I would like to meet parents that want to speak Spanish and go for a walk to the park or have a coffee.

I am a 22 year old mum currently on a 1 year break from uni. I have a son who is almost 2 months old. I'd like to meet some other young mothers like myself.

Recently became a mum for a 2nd time with a 10 year gap between my girls, feels like the 1st time again! I love family life (majority of the time :) ) and enjoy making memories

I’m 26, easy going & just love to have friends to always count on. My partner works 12 hour shifts for a few days a week away from home so I dont see him for quite a while at a time! After having a baby I only have a handful of friends left due to now being “boring” aka having a baby! :)

Hi I am a first time mum with a beautiful 2 month old baby girl. Looking for other mums to connect with and some new friends for my baby! Would love to meet someone to go out with the kiddies and play dates etc. Even if you live far away I’m open to messaging if you need someone to talk to!

Mum of two gorgeous blonde boys: a 2.5yo and a 5mo Just moved to Frome from London (via Lincolnshire) Interior Designer Stay at home Mum Newly married (July 2017) to a wonderful man! He's American & we used to live in New York together (but met in a pub in Wandsworth)

Hi I'm Angelina 36 years old and live in Glasgow Scotland I moved to Scotland 1.5 years ago to be with my love originally I'm from the Netherlands I'm a stay at home mom of a beautiful daughter born in November 2018 I would love to meet local moms as i don't know a lot of people in Scotland yet

I’m Kayleigh, new mum to my little bundle of cheeky smiles and dirty nappies! Bubba is 10 weeks new and has a lot to say already :-) xx