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Stay at home mom of a beautiful baby girl who is eager to meet other mums

Hola, I’m a first time mum to a beautiful 8 months old boy called Sebastian. I would like to meet other mums as I’m new to this area (and country). Also, I will love my little one to start making some friends.

I’m a first time mummy to a lovely baby girl!

I have just moved to the area and im looking to find some friends. I love tea and cake. I have a beautiful but rather clingy 17month old daughter. Completly winging this whole parenting thing but living it.

I am a mum of a beautiful 17 month old girl. I never did NCT or any regular groups so I haven't had the opportunity to meet a regular group of mums. I would love to meet people to talk baby stuff with and go to classes with. I'm a part time Radiographer - I'm off every Monday and Tuesday x

I am a 24 year old single mum from daventry. I have a 7 month old son called Albie. Would love to meet other young new mums or single mums like me. I love baking cakes, coffee and music.

Single Mum to a 14 month old little girl called Mia. Part time worker, living in Gloucester. Looking to meet mums, as parenting can get quite lonely sometimes x

I have a little girl called Millie who is 1 1/2 years old. We love to meet new people and explore new adventures.

Hi I am an expat mum staying at home with my little boy Vincent I would like to get to know people in Harrow area

Hi there!I am a brand new mum of a 6 months old baby boy and sometimes if feels lonely and boring. I used to have lots of friends and always go out and socialize and that slowly stopped ever since I got pregnant.I have lots of hobbies and interests and I just want to socialize / make friends!love,A.