ExPat Mums


Stay at home mom of a beautiful baby girl who is eager to meet other mums

Hola, I’m a first time mum to a beautiful 8 months old boy called Sebastian. I would like to meet other mums as I’m new to this area (and country). Also, I will love my little one to start making some friends.

I am Silvia, a single mum recently separated enjoying my time with my son and alone. I love nature, walking cycling, travelling, swimming, yoga and more! I am a researcher at university as well as a new entrepreneur. I would love to meet other free spirited, open minded, positive single mums

I am expecting my first baby boy:) I am very excited and happy!I would love to meet other mums!

Hi I am an expat mum staying at home with my little boy Vincent I would like to get to know people in Harrow area

Hiya, I am 6.5 months pregnant to my first baby and l would love to meet ladies who have newborn children or pregnant.

Hi there!I am a brand new mum of a 6 months old baby boy and sometimes if feels lonely and boring. I used to have lots of friends and always go out and socialize and that slowly stopped ever since I got pregnant.I have lots of hobbies and interests and I just want to socialize / make friends!love,A.

Hi..am sandra and am a new expecting mom who is 5months pregnant...would love to get to know others and make new friends

I am a new mum in Hornsey and would love to meet other mums in my area, especially to have company going out for walks in the parks and woods. I like cooking, travelling, reading and working out. I used to work as a teacher in Germany but I came here to follow my boyfriend

I am a new mother with 7 months old baby girl, would like to meet other mums for a chat or drink.