ExPat Mums


First time mum from Colombia. I would like to meet parents that want to speak Spanish and go for a walk to the park or have a coffee.

I'm an Italian mum to a little boy (8 months). Still on maternity leave until June. I love yoga, pilates and walking around.

Hello! I’m a mum of two who’s new to the area and kin to make friends :) We moved here from London 2 months ago but with 2 little ones it’s so hard to make friends! Hoping to find some mummas in the same situation here! ;)

Have lived in Cardiff for two years with my Partner. We are both from New Zealand so don't have any family here. I was a Nurse back home but not registered here. Looking for some other mums to connect with as we weren't able to attend group antenatal classes etc.

I'm a mum of 2 who just moved here from Malta. My husband and I both work from home and we're finding it very hard to meet people here. Looking forward to finding others in our situation :)

23 year old with an 18 month old daughter. Have moved her from New Zealand (where I met my partner who is from the UK).

Mum of a 10 months old baby girl.Would like to catch up and meet other babies :)

Hi I'm Angelina 36 years old and live in Glasgow Scotland I moved to Scotland 1.5 years ago to be with my love originally I'm from the Netherlands I'm a stay at home mom of a beautiful daughter born in November 2018 I would love to meet local moms as i don't know a lot of people in Scotland yet

Mum of a 6 month baby girl. I’am from Portugal and moved to Cardiff 9 month ago because my husband works here. Would like to know people and make new friends.

Stay at home mom of a beautiful baby girl who is eager to meet other mums