Young Mums


I am a 20 year old mum to a wonderful 9month old boy named Gabriel.

Hello there :) My name's suada but people call me Sue for short. I have a 21 month old boy called Kamil.

I have a 9 month old son, we don’t know many people round us so wanting to make friends for myself and my boy :)

I am a 24 year old single mum from daventry. I have a 7 month old son called Albie. Would love to meet other young new mums or single mums like me. I love baking cakes, coffee and music.

Single Mum to a 14 month old little girl called Mia. Part time worker, living in Gloucester. Looking to meet mums, as parenting can get quite lonely sometimes x

I have a little girl called Millie who is 1 1/2 years old. We love to meet new people and explore new adventures.

Hi! My names Becky, I’m 23 and live in Broxtowe, Notts with my partner of 10 years and 3 month old daughter (born 16/8/18). I love shopping, eating out, and going for walks. I don’t really know anyone in the area so would love some new friends! xx

Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm 21 years old and a mum to twin girls Nova- Rae and Aurora 3 months old born August 2018 and I would love to make some mum friends.

Hiya, I'm a young mum looking for places to take my son.

My name is Charlotte, I'm a single working mum to a little boy called Charlie. Starting to build a new life for ourselves and trying to make new friends :)