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Affordable Personal Chef
We know that every supermom needs help behind the scenes. We are here to help you with your cooking needs. We know it's difficult and tiresome to constantly plan, shop and cook meals for yourself (and your little ones). We are making it truly affordable to hire a personal chef. We want to make it easier for you to have fresh, restaurant quality home-cooked meals in your kitchen. Our chefs are professionally vetted and tailor your food according to your preferences. We offer everything from weekly batch cooking meals, dinner parties, cooking lessons, kids menus (on request), etc. Just drop us a line if you want something that you don't see on our website.

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Price Info:    1/ Weekly meal prep services: £90-100 for 3 dishes (3-4 portions each). Around £7-9 per meal. 2/ Hosting a party (Adult/kids): £8-15 per person


Opening Times:    Open every day a week, 10am-8pm

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Town:    London

County:     London