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Rock Choir: Allesley
ROCK WITH US ALLESLEY! On BBC Two’s ‘Trust Me, I’m A Doctor’, using our lovely Rock Choir members as test cases, showed singing has been proven to improve mood, reduce anxiety and help relieve stress! New findings show that music can really be the best medicine. We already knew this! BBC Two’s Michael Mosley has said “You can boost levels of the bliss inducing chemicals simply by singing”. Singing in a group is proven to decrease stress and help with illnesses like anxiety and depression. We want everyone to have that feel good factor! These long-term benefits are only around the corner with your local Rock Choir group! Book your FREE taster now!

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Price Info:    £25 per month Amazing opportunities from performing at fetes to theatres to recording at Abbey Road and flash-mobbing nearby towns!


Opening Times:    Tuesday's 1:00pm - 2:30pm

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Town:    Coventry

County:     West Midlands