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Santa Radio
This is the most amazing family friendly app playing continuous Christmas music, ad free with Santa himself presenting the show! Santa's Little Helpers is a show dedicated to children where they can record a voice message to Santa via the app and Santa then plays them out on air with funny replies. You are also able to send Santa a text message via the app for a personal reply -every message and response is available to view on the website. We will also email you with your personal reply. Sing along to your favourite Christmas songs with the lyrics to every song available at the touch of a button! You don't need to stop what you're doing to listen either, Santa Radio plays in the background on your mobile phone while you text all your friends about this amazing radio station! Play it via Bluetooth in your car and sing those Christmas jingles at the top of your lungs! Accessible via the apps main page, you can link through to the Santa Messages app and ask Santa to call your child by selecting their name from the list. Santa will then ring (via the app with a pre recorded message) and use your childs name. Select which message best suits your child and await the magic...

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Price Info:    Free


Opening Times:    24/7 365 days per year

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Town:    Wakefield

County:     West Yorkshire