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Feeding children can be challenging and guidance is not always easy to come by. We know this. This is why we have created a website and an app to help parents who want to understand why their child is 'fussy' and what they can do to improve mealtimes. The majority of children experience a stage of fussy eating at some point. This behaviour is totally normal and not something to be seriously concerned about. However, the way in which this initial, normal fussiness is managed can affect whether it continues as the child grows older. Our aim is to educate parents about the science behind the behaviour, and provide real strategies and tools that can be used to help tackle fussiness in a positive way. The Child Feeding Guide will help you to assess and monitor your own and your child's feeding behaviour, learn about common feeding problems, and access tips and tools that can be used to make the necessary changes. The result will hopefully be healthy, happy mealtimes. We're here to help! We recommend you start by creating a profile and completing the free Feeding Assessment Questionnaire on our website.

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