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That Liz & Those Boys

Hi, I'm Liz! I'm a photographer, events co-ordinator, social media addict and - of course - a mum. I started blogging way back in 2013, partly because I wanted a place to jot all my thoughts down while I was on maternity leave and partly so that I could put my degree in photography and journalism to good use. I'm originally from Somerset (and no, I don't sound like a farmer!) but now live in the vibrant city of Bristol with my wonderful partner Dave and our two little boys. As well as spending time with them, I absolutely love live music and enjoy going to gigs and festivals. I'm also a big fan of good food, catching up over a coffee (black with two sugars, please!), geeking out over technology and snuggling up with a good book (not that I get much chance to do any of those things these days!) My biggest boy is Finley. He was born in December 2013 and is now a chatty, cheeky, noisy but kind-hearted schoolboy. He loves counting, reciting the alphabet and riding his balance bike (not necessarily at the same time... but I wouldn't rule it out!) He's also mad about cars, trains, caravans, monster trucks and anything else with wheels but his absolute favourite things in the world right now are Thomas the Tank Engine and PJ Masks. Then there's Jacob, the littlest of 'Those Boys'. He was born in February 2017 and is easily the cheekiest, funniest toddler I've ever met. Sometimes he's super cuddly and others he's a total whirlwind - there's no middle ground with Jacob! He's incredibly ticklish and is a big fan of books, trains, dinosaurs, singing nursery rhymes and being outdoors (especially if there's an opportunity to get muddy!) So, that's us! We hope you'll enjoy reading about our adventures in and around Bristol as well as the brands and products we love.

Location:     Bristol