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Mummy in a Tutu

I'm Katie and welcome to my little corner in the Blogosphere! I am now a thirty-something (crikey!!) single mummy to my gorgeous baby girl, Alyssa, who was born in July 2015 (5 weeks early I might add!) I live with Alyssa, my mum and her partner in Dorset, in the lovely south of England. I trained in Performing Arts and once appeared on the West End but went on to train as an English Drama & Dance teacher which saw me living in Sicily for three years! I am now a Work From Home Mummy (sooo lucky to have managed this) where I do freelance editing, publishing and administrative work whilst attempting to go pro with the blog you, my lovely reader, are on! I love to be organised and a little bit (some would say more than a little bit) bossy at times. Despite that, I am a total ditz about everyday life and make some absolutely cracking comments that my family enjoy for years! Although I don't have much free time, when I do, I enjoy drinking coffee and chatting with friends, reading, watching good films, cooking and obviously making my little girl laugh. What do I dislike? Nuts and fruit IN food. Like them on their own but IN something like curry? No no no!! Why do I blog? It started out as a way to possibly earn money (shameless I know) but after only a few weeks it had become so much more. It is a way for me to get out what I am feeling, to leave an imprint on the world, dare I say help others as well as myself and finally it is something that I absolutely adore! Whilst here you can expect posts about Life, Parenting, Food (with a vegetarian twist) Reviews and so so much more! With you, I am sharing what's inside - and not holding back! Why am I a Tutu Mummy? Well, if I could, I would wear a tutu everyday as sometimes I do like to think of myself as a sort of ballerina, tutu, pink princess... I mean who doesn't?? So being the Tutu Mummy is a reflection of my inner most personality. This blog is personal and heartfelt, from me to you and I hope you enjoy.

Location:     Dorset