By now your child should know right from wrong and the positive discipline you previously used will hopefully have paid off. However, as your child enters adolesence, hormones will be bubbling away inside of them and bodily changes taking place. There will be influences outside of the home which may affect your child, such as peer pressure, body image awareness, change of schools, homework overload etc. Children can be lovely at this age and spending time with them and as a family is very important, but they will also want more independence and to spend time with their friends.

The following videos are full of facts and advice by parenting experts and parents themselves who reveal their own experiences of parenting their own children at this age.

TOP TIP: No matter how busy your lives, scheduling one on one time with your child is vital to better connect and keep the lines of communication open with them.

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Chores Choices

Family Break Up


In Wrong Crowd

Child Bully

Home Alone