Safety Tips

The safety of Members is of paramount importance to MumsMeetUp which is why Members' personal details (such as real name or email address) are kept secure and never revealed to other Members. The following tips are provided by us as a guideline only and should not be relied upon solely by Members:

Firstly, we would advise that you take every precaution necessary to safeguard yourself in the same way you would when dealing with strangers under any other circumstances whether in an online or offline environment and, if in doubt, err on the side of caution when communicating via this website.

Our number one top safety tip is to never give out any of your personal details such as phone, email or social media accounts. The safest way to communicate with other members is to use our secure private messaging system to become acquainted and you will usually be able to judge whether a member is genuine by chatting for as long as necessary online first. Please be assured that most members are genuine mums looking for friendship. We monitor the site constantly and usually remove potential scammers and spammers and their messages within a few hours and we have a zero tolerance of any inappropriate activity which we will report to the appropriate authorities.

Do not make any payment in any form to any member that you communicate with via this website. If you receive a request for payment by any other member, please ignore such request and stop all communications with that Member. Meet ups are free and no Meet Up organiser should request payment from you. If a meet up organiser requests payment from you, please ignore such request and stop all communications with that member. Your membership is totally free and we will not ever at any time request any payment from you. If someone claims to be from MumsMeetUp or Limited and requests a payment from you, please ignore such request and stop all communications with that person as they will not be from our company, because we do not ever make any requests for payments from our Members. If you do receive any request for payment at any time by any member or person via our website, please report it to us by email to su[email protected] or by reporting abuse, as detailed below.

Do not reveal any of your personal information, such as your full name or residential address to other Members via this website.

Do not reveal any personal information about your children, such as their full name, nursery or school attended or anything else that could identify them in any way to other Members via this website.

Do not reveal any of your personal information from Social Networks, such as Facebook Name, Twitter Name, LinkedIn Name etc., via this website.

As from Feb 2017 Members can now upload their own profile image but this must be no more than 3mb in size. If you experience difficulties uploading your image, try cropping or compressing it.

Do not reveal your password to anybody whether Members, family, friends or others.

Do not allow anybody to use your membership to view or use your membership part of this website.

When communicating with other Members via the members only messaging system, should you receive any messages which you construe to be in any way abusive or threatening then please immediately report abuse by clicking the cog icon at top of your Member Page then click the Report Abuse link which will take you to a form to fill out details of any abuse or perceived abuse.

If, after thoroughly and sufficiently acquainting yourself with another Member, you do decide that you would like to meet them, then we would advise you to first read the following safety guidelines:

It is advisable to first become further acquainted by having a few telephone or skype conversations with the member you hope to meet first and then arrange to have a short meeting in a public place for the first time such as coffee in a town centre cafe (not in a park, car park or other isolated spot) and not in your own home or any other person's home when meeting for the first time;

tell another adult that you are going to meet with another Member and give them the User Name and any other details of the Member you are meeting. Inform them of where and when you will be attending the Meet Up and arrange to phone them before and after the Meet Up; and

if possible, arrange to take a friend or relative along with you.