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Connecting Mums across the UK
Members maintain complete anonymity whilst becoming acquainted via private online messaging or group discussions. In addition, members can arrange their own offline Meet Ups for mums at any public venue and invite other members to join.
Any queries can be directed to Caroline by email at:
03 February 2010 - Internet
A new website which is free for mums to use went online recently at
MumsMeetUp provides a quick and simple way for mums to find and meet other mums similar by age of child or circumstances (such as young, 40+, working, single parent mums etc.) in their own local areas of the UK within just a few clicks.
Mums of children with disabilities are able to meet other local mums whose children have similar medical conditions and expat mums in the UK can meet other local mums originating from the same overseas countries.
She believes this also applies to other circumstances, such as divorced or widowed mums etc., as well as all mums as it's a way for them to find friends for their children and at the same time know who the parents are.
MumsMeetUp was built by the Owner, Caroline. She has a child with a disability and has felt the advantages of getting together with others whose children have a similar disability, not only for the parents but also for the children as it is of great benefit to children to realise they are not alone with a disability.
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This is all free to Mums of children ranging in age from babies to teens, as well as mums to be.
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