Meet Up Tips & Rules

Any member mum can start a meet up for mums in their area and invite other mums to attend. It is simple to do and a great way to make new friends. Charities and non profit making companies can also start a meet up but will need to obtain approval first by emailing us at [email protected].
Yes meet ups are free to start and free to join.
No, meet ups should not be organised for financial gain. Members cannot request any payment from other Members to attend a meet up.
Members should be told if they need to bring their own refreshments or advised in advance whether they may be able to buy their own refreshments at the meet up venue for a nominal amount and how much that might be.
There is a simple form to fill out with details of a meet up, which can be changed or removed at any time afterwards.
Meet Ups should take place in public areas such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs, church or village hall, etc.
The Meet Up Organiser can request other Members to assist them with organising their Meet Up and also request ideas and suggestions from any interested Members.
The Meet Up Organiser can send out messages to other Members in their local area inviting them to attend their Meet Up as well as posting details on MumsMeetUp and updating those details as and when necessary.
When a Meet Up Organiser has received sufficient acknowledgments and requests to join from interested Members, they should immediately update status of their Meet Up to Meet Up Full or delete Meet Up completely from MumsMeetUp.
Any Member can request to join a Meet Up listed on MumsMeetUp by sending a message to the Meet Up Organiser requesting to join.
If a member receives an invitation to join a Meet Up in their local area from a Meet Up Organiser, they should always acknowledge that invitation by replying to the Meet Up Organiser whether or not they wish to attend.

Members should take all reasonable and sensible precautions to protect their safety whether arranging or joining a Meet Up. For safety ideas read our Safety Tips via the link below.

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