If you want you want your brand to be seen by the primary shopper from households across the UK then you are in the right place as mums from all areas of the UK have become members of MumsMeetUp and many more are joining every day.

We currently have 2 advertising options to suit all budgets as set out below. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss other options.

We have a new directory of products and services of interest to mums and families which is currently free to add a product or service advert. We especially want mums with small businesses to take advantage of our directory whilst it is free but any UK company can sign up now to add a free advert to our directory in readiness for when it goes live, which we anticipate to be very soon.

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300 x 250 banner add sizes on our Bargains » area which is for any discount, special offer, or sales banner ads only. Please contact our Banner Ads Team if you wish to place an ad on our Bargains page at:

[email protected]