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About MumsMeetUp
Find Mums and make contact via secure private messaging.

Our advanced search tools can be used to search for Mums of children with similar long term medical conditions.

MumsMeetUp provides a quick and simple way for Mums to find and meet other Mums in any local area with children of similar age or circumstances (such as young mums, working mums, single parent mums etc).

There are three ways for Mums to meet other Mums here as listed below:

Expat mums can use our advanced search tools to find other local Mums originating from their same overseas country of origin.
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Members personal details (such as real name or email address) are kept secure and never at any time revealed to other Members. A Member's identity is completely anonymous to other Members unless they of their own volition choose to reveal it.
Membership is free and all members have access to their own personal home page, mailbox and profile. They can also manage any contacts they have added, discussions they have started and meet ups they are organising.
Join or arrange an offline Meet Up for Mums at any local public venue.
Our search tools can be used to find mums living locally and with children of similar age etc.
Join in group discussions by posting opinions and views on any subject.

meet other mums
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