MumsMeetUp is a unique web based app which connects mums locally and across the UK, enabling them to find mums like themselves in their area and playmates for their children.

Mums sign up because it provides a quick and simple solution for them to find others in their area, in the same boat and go on the journey of being a mum together. It allows them to initially make contact in a safe and secure environment, which is monitored constantly. They are able to search for mums in their area, in similar circumstances, with children of similar age, and then arrange to meet up in person - creating proper real life friendships for them and their children.

As well as meeting up one to one, mums can also arrange a group meet up for mums in their area and invite other mums to attend.

Our Blogs Directory provides a way for mums to find the best blogs, written by some of the most inspirational mums from across the UK who tell it as it is about all aspects of parenting, which are full of real life facts, advice and humour.

Our new Family Directory will be filled with the best of British ideas for mums and their families. It is free for UK businesses and, especially business mums, with good quality ideas to use.

We have parenting videos about all ages and stages of parenthood with advice and tips by parents and experts.

Mums love a bargain and so we also provide details of the latest sales and offers from companies we have partnered with so that mums can find bargains for them and their family.

The purpose of the Directory is for Mums from across the UK to be able to find good quality blogs, products and services for them and their family.
It is free for bloggers and UK businesses to sign up and add a blog. It is currently free to add a product or service as well.
Bloggers and UK businesses can sign up to add a blog, product or service that belongs to them, once approved by us. We only will approve what we consider to be good quality genuine contributors, with good quality graphics, which we think will be of interest to mums. We have limited space so cannot approve all contributions. If you have received an invitation from us then you should get approval.
The categories in our directory are Freebies & Discounts, Baby Products, Beauty, Blogs, Books, Days Out, Fashion, Food & Drink, Home & Garden, Media, Parties, Toys, Tuition & Classes and Wellbeing.
You can upload your own image and choose an appropriate category and location, as well as full details. You will also be able to add a link to your blog or website and most of your social media accounts. So our users will be able to find your blog or website and your social media.
Currently only one Idea can be listed per company.
When you list an Idea, you will see it displayed in your Dashboard but it will not display in the Directory untill it has been approved by us.
The directory will go live soon. A simple non-categorised version will go live first and a categorised version will follow in the near future.

Yes please but before linking back to us, please first read our Terms of Use.

By linking back to us from your own blog or website you will be helping us to spread the word to mums, many of whom are feeling quite isolated. Thousands of real life friendships have already been formed between our member mums and, by finding friends for themselves, they have also found friends for their children.

If you would like to link back to us you can do so by using any of our links or images at Link To Us

The directory will be on display to everyone who visits MumsMeetUp, as well as to all our Members.
Yes - you will be able to make changes to or delete any advert you create.
If you are a mum, you can sign up for friendship purposes only as well but you cannot use the same company email address. You must not contact our members direct for company reasons.
Click cog icon at top of all Member Pages then click "Your Membership" then click "Delete My Membership" button - this will then remove your Profile and within 24 hours after we have checked all recordings we will then remove your details completely.